McBride Digital Marketing
Convert 10-15% Of Your Leads To Appointments This Month...
  • Proven marketing campaigns
  • Proven Sales Process: Setting appt's
  • ​Proven Sales Process: Follow up
Proven marketing campaigns
Broken marketing campaigns
  • Unpredictable
  • Unreliable
  • ​Expensive
  • Demoralizing
  • ​​Wasted time & money
Proven marketing campaigns 
  • Full pipeline
  • Qualified, interested, ready, willing & able leads
  • Low cost
  • ​Massive ROI
  • ​Save time & money
What makes our campaigns different?
Proven Ads, Images & Headlines
Highly Targeted Audience's
High Converting Lead Forms
Proven sales process: Setting appointments
Broken sales process: Setting appt's
  • ​Struggle to make contact with leads
  • ​Struggle to set appt's with leads
  • ​No speed to lead technology
  • ​No proven scripts to generate appt's
  • Wasted time and money
Proven sales process: Setting appt's
  • Easily makes contact with leads
  • ​Easily sets appt's with qualified leads
  • Speed to lead time less than 20 seconds
  • ​Follows proven scripts
  • ​Saves time and money
What makes our sales process different?
New lead notifications & 20 second speed to lead times!
Proven scripts to qualify and set appointments
Sales team contacts, qualifies & sets appointment for you
Proven sales process: Follow up
Broken sales process: Follow up
  • Over worked
  • ​Under payed
  • ​No repeat or referral business
  • Likely to burn out and quite
  • ​Wastes time & money
Proven sales process: Follow up
  • Regular repeat and referral business
  • Ability to scale & grow with ease
  • Predictable income
  • ​Unstoppable confidence
  • ​Saves time and money
What makes our sales process different?
Automated Email & Text follow up
Sales team follows up all leads for the life of the lead
With my proven marketing & sales process you get:
  • A full pipeline of ​qualified, interested, ready, willing & able leads at a low cost
  • ​Appointments set at will
  • ​Sales team to contact, qualify, set appt's & do all follow up for you
  • ​Repeat and referral business
  • ​Predictable & reliable income
  • ​Unstoppable confidence
  • ​A massive ROI on time and money
  • ​Increase in GCI by 40% in less than 90 days
 Want PROOF?
ROI caluculator agents/ brokers
2,443% ROI
ROI calculator team lead
2,443% ROI

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